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Meet Vlad Ghita

FIDE National Instructor


I am an active tournament player and coach from Romania. My main strength is that I teach all my students to become independent critical thinkers in chess. As a player, my best features are: using intuition to trim the list of candidate moves, attacking chess, and practical rook endgames. Of course, I attempt to transfer this knowledge to students as well!

As a coach, I fully believe that I can help any committed individual achieve realistic goals, regardless of starting level. This is usually done by a weekly lesson and periodic homework assignments. For the first half of the lesson, I generally analyze recent games with the student. In the second half, I deliver personalized instruction aiming to shore up deficiencies.

I speak English fluently, having spent nearly 10 years in the United States. All lessons are conducted in English.

Coaching FAQ

Player profile

Who is it for? Beginner players who want to work on foundational principles (<1000 Elo), intermediate club players (1000-1500), advanced tournament players (1500-2000)

What is the age range? I have had students ranging from 8-75 years old. Age does not matter, your passion and commitment for chess does!

What will I learn? Rock-solid chess principles, how to properly evaluate a position, when to look for tactics, calculation training, chess psychology.

What if the material is too hard? All lessons are tailored to fit the student’s level and needs!

How/when do I pay? Payment is available directly on site upon booking (PayPal) and is due before each lesson. Inquire during our initial call for options.

How can I book lessons? Schedule a free 30 min consultation to explore if the fit is right first! Integrated seamlessly with my personal calendar on the next page. Click the button below to get started.

Player profile

My playing philosophy is simple: Attack and win!


  • 15-year active playing career
  • Over 500 games played internationally
  • Winner of the Romanian National Ch. Semifinal (6/7) in 2021
  • Winner of the U1900 Mid-America Open (4.5/5) in 2017
  • Played at the European Individual Championship in 2022
  • Best OTB win: 2400 FIDE
  • Highest OTB rating: 2006 FIDE
  • Highest online ratings: 2701 Chess.com, 2718 Lichess (blitz)